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Bob Eckert Painting was founded in 1985 and became incorporated in 1994. Since founded the company has been providing quality paint jobs across the entire state of ND. The company was built on simple rules like preforming each job with the respect and quality it deserves, standing behind the finished product and only using top quality materials. For more than 35 years we have built a reputation as a top painting contractor that can manage large commercial jobs as well as small office re-paints. We have the man power to come into your business and finish the job fast and clean so your company can continue to operate with as minimal interruptions as possible.



We have been fortunate enough to have been invloved in some major projects over the years such as the Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck Public Works, Re-Paint of Governors Office and many many more.  Feel free to call for any references.


We can provided a start to finish drywall job. We can hang the drywall, finish it, paint it and finish all woodwork. Making the job of general contractors easyier by only having to only deal with one subcontractor. We strive to make every job as easy and smooth as possible for everyone involved.



Bob Eckert Painting Inc. is a proud member of PDCA (Painting & Decorating Contractors of America).


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